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Hi. Boy you don’t hear from me in weeks and now two posts in one day!! I forgot to mention a great Facebook page.  It’s called LVAD FRIENDS and its a great resource for people with LVADs and their caregivers.


Take care!!


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Hi All,

Long time between posts, huh? How is everyone doing? We are doing pretty well here. We just got off a bout of too much sodium. Sneaks up on us every once in a while…

I had gone to the hairdressers to get my hair done one Saturday because we were going to a 40th Anniversary celebration, and when I got home Jim was horizontal on the sofa – completely fatigued. He also had a bad headache which was very concerning to me. He had an LVAD clinic appointment on Monday so he didn’t want to make a special trip to the hospital. He did want me to go to the party without him. I don’t think so. I can’t imagine going to a party and having a good time knowing that he’s home by himself and not feeling well. What if he passed out and couldn’t call for help.  No, I’ll stay home. Everyone understood and with the help of my brother we were able to say well-wishes via FaceTime.

We stayed home for the weekend and Jim slept a lot. His headache was really bothering him and would intensify and go away throughout the weekend.

Monday finally arrives and I drop Jim off at LVAD clinic and then take myself to my own doctor’s appointment. By the time Jim was ready to be picked up it was already after 1:00 p.m. so I decided to stay home. Mostly, because I knew that he still wasn’t feeling well. The doctors noticed that he did have some excess fluid on him and his blood pressure was too high – might explain his headache so they gave him an additional really potent diuretic. When I heard this, I swore out loud because I know what we’re in for. Now we get to go the other way. He usually will end up getting over diuresed.

Is that a word?

Sure enough, early Tuesday morning Jim yelled for me because he felt like he was going to pass out but he was able to sit down quickly until his head stopped spinning. He then said he felt better but was still unsteady on his feet and lightheaded. Blood work showed his potassium is low from the extra diuretics so we increased his potassium supplements.

I wish I could say he’s feeling a lot better now but he’s still a bit lightheaded and just overall not feeling well so we’re going to mention it at LVAD clinic tomorrow and see if we can find out what’s going on.

While Jim was sleeping, I did get a fair amount of sewing done.

Do you remember the block you signed for us at the wedding? For those of you who are wondering what I’m talking about, at the reception on our wedding day, we had permanent markers and 3-inch squares of fabric available for our guests to write brief well-wishes for us. The fabrics were stabilized to make it easier for guests to sign. I have seen some beautiful wedding memory quilts created like this and being a quilter knew that I wanted to do the same thing for our wedding day.

So, here we are approximately 8 years later – MY GOODNESS, TIME FLIES…

In my defense a lot has happened in those 8 years. I am now committed to making our wedding quilt. As I have mentioned previously on this blog, I have a habit of making projects WAAAY more difficult than they need to be, and then I SERIOUSLY overwhelm myself and put the project away. I wanted to keep things as simple as possible for this quilt.

They have these precut, already color-coordinated packages of 2 ½ strips that are all the rage. They make life much easier for us quilters. Saves on having to do a lot of cutting. I found these beautiful batiks in various shades of pinks, purples and greens which I thought would look LOVERLY in our bedroom…


Some of our friends got very creative. Isn’t this beautiful!


Check out this one…


Your honey moon “awakes” you? Do they mean AWAITS you? Wondering if one of the kids did this one?  Too cute.

Lots of memories. This one is sweet…


It was fun going down memory lane and re-reading what everyone wrote to us. I am very happy to report that only one person (out of 43) signed on the stabilizer paper instead of the fabric…  Here’s a few of them pictured here.  You can see some of the batik strips on the left-hand side.


Here is a block completed with the batik strips.


Beautiful!  Love this one.

One more


Very sweet.

I was able to get all the 43 blocks framed with the batik fabric. It’s nice because each block has a different but coordinating batik print.

Kendall wanted to help…

photo-Kendall sewing

But then started to bite the thread because it was whizzing past her…

I picked her up and put her down.

Name that commercial!!


I picked her up and put her on the ironing board where she stayed for a while albeit a bit grumpy.

Kendall - ironing board

The next phase of this quilt is to take a few photos from the wedding (NOT MANY – maybe about 5) and using the same stabilizer I used for the 3-inch blocks copy the photos to fabric. I’m thinking of one 8×10 photo of the entire wedding party in the center of the quilt with 4×6 or 5×8 pictures in each of the corners. Something like that. Keeping it simple… Once these photos are on fabric, I can put the quilt top together. I also have a little piece left of each batik strip and I’m envisioning cornerstones with those.


Then I can have it quilted. I might quilt this one myself – not sure yet… We’ll see how much time has transpired from now to when it’s ready to be quilted… 

I probably should talk about the Boston Marathon Bombing but to be honest I’m too exhausted right now to write anything at length.

I can tell you that around 12:30 Friday a.m., Jim had gotten up to go to the bathroom, and I heard a weird noise off in the distance that sounded something like thunder or a loud firecracker.  I just thought to myself that was a strange noise.  Then I got wired for some reason and went downstairs and turned on the TV to see breaking news on every single local channel and for the rest of the night watched the entire unbelievable manhunt unfold. It was like watching a movie that wouldn’t end. Towards the morning they started to announce things like the entire subway / bus system was suspended; no taxi service available and in certain towns people were ordered to stay inside and that businesses in those towns should stay closed. Then they flashed those towns and Cambridge (which is where I work) was one of them… I said to Jim – I don’t think I’m going to work today. Sure enough my company announced that they would remain closed today per the Governor’s orders.  I told Jim that I think I heard one of the bombs from when the police were chasing them but we both thought we were too far away to hear anything.  However, on Friday when they found the guy was hunkered down in some poor guys boat in his backyard, and we were watching all the police cars taking off in that direction, Jim muted the TV, and we could hear sirens off in the distance…

I get sick when I think about the people who were killed and injured and how young they were.  Needless.  I’m really glad it’s over, and I’m glad they got one of them alive.  I think he’s a coward though.  He could kill others, but couldn’t take his own life and was afraid of dying…  I am hoping that they get some answers out of him but judging by his injuries it might not be for awhile.  Stay strong Boston!!

Lots of Love!!  Take Care,


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