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So, we had a nice Valentine’s Day / Jim’s Birthday celebration.  I ended up not making an extravagant meal for Valentine’s Day.  We are trying to cut back on calories and decided to save the special meal for Jim’s birthday.  For his birthday, I always have the family over and make a Beef Wellington dinner.   This is not a Gordon Ramsey recipe for Beef Wellington, mind you (although I’d like to try to make his recipe).  It’s Sara Moulton’s recipe for Mini Beef Wellingtons with Gorgonzola Cheese.  Absolutely delicious and very simple to make.

 I was also going to bake a cake but decided against it because everyone (including Moi) is trying to watch their calorie intake and for me and Jim after everyone goes home and leaves us with the leftovers, it’s just way too tempting to have a layer cake just hanging around waiting for someone to come by and smell it, fondle it, grab two handfuls and smear it all over their face and wait, what? 

 Ah hem…. 

 So I decided to go with this Pot de Crème recipe.  Individual servings – no leftovers…  I also substituted the sugar with Truvia. 

This is now my GO-TO PMS dessert!!! 

Whoa – where did that come from?!

You couldn’t even tell that they were made with Truvia!!  They are basically a cross between a pudding and a mousse – very yummy!! 

Kendall enjoyed Valentine’s Day as well. 

Well, what have we here?? 

Kendall - VD Bag1

This looks interesting (Translation:  Comfy…)

Kendall - VD2

ANYONE IN HERE, HERE, HERE, here??  (me doing an awesome echo sound effect) 

Kendall - VD3


Kendall - VD4

What is it about cats and bags…?  They do love a good bag, don’t they?  Kendall loves it when I come home with paper grocery bags… 


Kendall - SB1


Kendall - SB2

Yikes – no shame… 

Kendall - SB3

I can never control the urge to tickle her bellies!!

I’ve been thinking of changing the blog’s name to “Kendall’s Korner.”  Or something like that…

But this blog isn’t just about being Kendall’s Mom.  It’s also about being a wife and caregiver to my Hubby who is waiting for a new heart…   

Someday it will have some quilting stories on here.

In the meantime, I wanted to take a few moments to try to address a question that Jim and I get all the time. 

When will Jim get his heart transplant? 



Crystal Ball - purple


Unfortunately, we’ll need the crystal ball to answer that question…

This is what we can tell you…  Right now, Jim is one of 20 transplant candidates (this is his standing at the hospital).  Four (including Jim) have the same blood type.  What’s Jim’s blood type, you ask?  That’s a very good question, but I forget at the moment because I’m an Iggy… 

Anyways, the hospital did 17 transplants last year.  For me, that was AWESOME news, because I thought they only did 4 or 5 transplants a year so to hear that they had done 17 last year was unreal. 

It’s a brand new day!! 

They also said that transplants seem to happen in “clusters” and that unfortunately they have seen a serious decline in organ donations over the years –  which is very sad.  Not enough marketing if you ask me.

So if you look at it that way, we are still probably about 1-½ – 2 years from getting the Call… 

THIS is the hardest part – the waiting… 

I hope that helps to answer your question…  If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!!

That’s it for now!  Have a great weekend!!

Lots and lots of love to you!!


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