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Hi All!!

Did you guys survive the storm OK?  That was a LOT of snow!!  It took me and my parents (Dad with a snow blower) four hours to shovel out…  Jim felt bad that he couldn’t help but he made up for it by making breakfast complete with home fries and eggs and dinner which was a Giada de Laurentiis recipe for swordfish and a salad…

I went food shopping before the storm.  I hadn’t been to the grocery store in a couple of weeks, and we were out of almost everything – bread, milk, eggs, toilet paper – you get the idea…




I thought it would be best to go Wednesday night instead of the night before the storm because – well, you know how it gets the night before we get any type of a major snow storm.  Unfortunately, everyone else in New England had the same idea.

So, I’m at Stop and Shop with my list, doing my thing and a woman near me makes this comment about how “everyone is going just crazy” and she’s looking in MY cart!!  I just looked at her and said Hey, this isn’t blizzard shopping!!  This is grocery shopping…  We had a good laugh…  She was blizzard shopping, by the way.

Here are some photos I took before, during and after the storm…  I apologize in advance for my lack of talent in the photography department…

Here are the front stairs just as the storm started on Friday:


The storm starting to ramp up as we were heading off to bed:


Here are the stairs after the storm on Saturday:


Mom in waist deep…  Poor Dad snow blowing the plow-made pile at the end of the driveways – yes, plural…

Dad w snowblower

Our cars – UGH!!


Here is Kendall supervising our shoveling / snow blowing from the safety of her spot in the bay window…  It overlooks our porch right by our front stairs so she’s typically there to say goodbye and to greet us when we return home unless she’s sleeping of course…


I did bake some bread that day.  Hey, if I’m going to be house-bound for a weekend, I’M COOKING – Errr – BAKING – Errr – BOTH!!  Anyways, I made this awesome Cranberry Orange bread – it’s beyond easy and delicious!!  Check out Maya’s site while you’re there – Alaska From Scratch.  She has some great recipes and hearing about life from another part of the world is very fun.  I’ve tried a few recipes now and they’ve been great!

Jim Update

Jim drove into work the other day.  I did my best to not worry and send out positive thoughts.  He said it went well and that it was a nice ride.  I’m still not happy that he’s driving but what are you going to do.  Like I’ve said before, I can’t sit on the guy.  Between you and me though, I think he really enjoyed it…

Things have been going well since the last “incident” we had.  Actually, I don’t think I even told you guys about the latest incident.  I’m going to start calling my Posts “Monday Morning Surprises.”  (If I posted them on time, that is J…)  Things always seem to happen very early on Monday mornings…

So Jim has recovered fully since collapsing in the bathroom and hitting his head on the tub.  I’m still having some PTS but am slowly getting my sense of humor back…

On January 28th Jim woke me up around 2:00 a.m. because he woke up from some wetness on his pillow.  Turned a light on to see three good-sized circles of blood on it.  His new $100 Comfort Revolution Pillow, mind you…  It was like he had a bloody nose but instead it was coming out his right ear.  I suggested we go to the ER, but he said that since he had an LVAD clinic appointment in five hours, he’d rather wait and go back to sleep.  Had my half asleep-self remembered that he had hit his head two to three weeks prior, we would have gone to the ER then, but, it had apparently stopped, so he wasn’t concerned.

I typically do not go with him to Clinic.  I work full-time and only have so many days a year for vacation or sick time.  On a typical Monday, I drop him off in the morning, head to work and then pick him up during my lunch-hour, bring him home, plug him in and head back to work.  This time since he was bleeding from his ear (which is close to his brain, you know), and he was complaining of being a bit light-headed, I decided to take a day off from work and accompany him.  It was the doctor who recalled that he had collapsed and hit his head on the tub two or three weeks prior and thought it a good idea to re-check the CAT scan.  Thankfully, they confirmed that it looked fine.  They decided to have an Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist take a peak, and this doctor determined that Jim had a small blood vessel rupture.  If that happened to you or me, we probably wouldn’t have even noticed, but when you’re taking Coumadin, it’s an entirely different story.  He gave us some medication though in the event it happens again.

What is it about being at the hospital that wipes a person out?  We were there from 8:00 a.m. until early afternoon and when we got home, I was completely wiped out and needed a nap…  I had actually been debating on going into work until I got in the door and decided I needed a nap instead…

Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!!

Jim’s birthday is February 16th (we have a lot to celebrate this year!!)  Since it’s so close to Valentine’s Day, I have always tried to do something special.  This year I’d like to make a nice dinner for Valentine’s Day.  It’s once a year…  He deserves it.  I’m thinking Shrimp Scampi with something very chocolaty rich for dessert.  How about this recipe?  Or this one?  If you’re not familiar with The Pioneer Woman, check out her Web site.  Awesome!!  She always has great recipes (I know – I’ve tried a bunch), great stories, lots of giveaways and it’s very fun reading about life on a working cattle ranch.

For Jim’s birthday I always invite the family over and make a Beef Wellington dinner.  For dessert, I always bake a chocolate cake but this year I’m going to try to make a carrot cake (Jim’s favorite so I don’t know why I bake a chocolate cake)…  Anyways, I’m taking this Friday off because I have a lot of shopping, prepping and cooking to do… 🙂

That’s it for now.  One of these days I swear I will do a quilting-related post.

Be safe!!  Love you guys!!


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