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Hi All,

 How is everyone doing?  We’re doing very well here.  For the first time since Jim received his LVAD (mid-July), the weekly culture of his driveline site came back negative for infection!!!!   We did a happy dance… 

 What have you guys been up to?  It just dawned on me that Christmas is right around the corner!!  Yeeikes!!!  When did that happen?!  We have no idea what to get people this year.  I usually will shop all year and pick up cutesy things at various quilt shows, craft fairs or yard sales but I haven’t gone to that many this year.  I did put up my Christmas tree – first time in two years.  I didn’t want to put it up when Kendall was a kitten.  She would have climbed it and took out the angel at the top.  Here is a picture of the tree done and all lit up. 


Yes, it’s purple (and yes I need curtains).  I apologize for the quality of the picture…  It does look better in person.  Kendall (down in front) has been brutal.  I cannot leave her unattended around the tree with the lights on.  I don’t mind if she plays with an ornament (so picture yourself sitting on the sofa watching the news and all of a sudden you hear THWAPPP!!! and a purple ball goes flying across the room) but she also bites the light bulbs!!  I tried to tell her that was a bad idea on so many levels but she doesn’t listen to me…  Then she gets under the tree and the entire tree does a shimmy…  I asked the vet what to do and she suggested using a spray bottle but I don’t want to make it a negative experience for her.  She’s only two years old.  I’m sure she’ll mellow out when she gets older, right?   RIGHT?  ANYONE? 

So that’s it for now.  Jim and I are going to try to do some shopping tomorrow. 

Lots of love!!


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