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Hi All!!  Please forgive the lack of updates…  I haven’t been feeling that great these past few weeks.  Recently, I have been dealing with a stomach bug.  Nothing too serious – just a low-grade, constant feeling of nausea along with the other unfortunate side effect of a stomach issue…  I ended up taking a day off from work because I had been pushing and pushing and pushing and everything just caught up to me…  Yesterday was the first day that I actually felt a little better.  I still cannot look at food though without getting a stomachache.  Ugh…

So – this is where we stand right now – Jim is BACK ON THE TRANSPLANT LIST!!  The Infectious Disease doctors feel that while he still has an infection, they are on top of it, which is great news!!  However, the pool of fluid in his abdomen has returned despite the fact that they had drained it and three weeks ago it looked like the last remaining bit was being absorbed into his system.  They are debating on what to do about this so we are basically waiting for the call for Jim to get readmitted – because that’s usually what happens.  Talk about constantly feeling like the hammer is going to fall… 

I left work a little bit early yesterday.  I realized that Jim has been feeling so lousy / so fatigued that he is not able to care of himself…  He apparently doesn’t even have enough energy to pour some egg beaters into a pan for himself!  I started to wonder if I needed to take a Leave of Absence from work in order to get him ramped up (Jim didn’t like that idea – something about needing the $$ to pay bills or something)…  I went to the grocery store and bought some eggs and ground turkey and when I got home I made some hard-boiled eggs and mini turkey meatballs to leave in the fridge so he can have something to snack on throughout the day.  I also bought some fruit too.  I’ll have to be better about making sure there is always something in the fridge that he can just grab until he gets himself to a better place.  Anyone have any suggestions on things to make ahead of time and leave in the fridge??  Has to be something I can prepare with very low sodium and no dark leafy green veggies because he is taking Coumadin.  Thanks in advance for anything suggestions you can offer…  I might make eggplant parmesan to leave in the fridge but we’ll see – that one takes a bit of effort and time…

At this point, we are not really sure what to expect.  How should he be feeling at this point in time after his surgery?  He still has an infection.  Although the Infectious Disease doctors do feel they are “on top of it”, that must still play a role into how he’s feeling.  Is it normal for him to be so out of breath / tired when he exerts himself or walks up a flight of stairs?  We went for a walk the other day.  My idea – kinda pushed him to do it because it was so beautiful outside.  However, we didn’t get very far, and I literally thought I was going to have to get my car to bring him home!!  I felt terrible for putting him through that BUT is that what needs to be done in order to ramp him up?  Right now he has zero cardio stamina.

I have had quilt shows pretty much every weekend so far and they continue on until Thanksgiving – J!!  I thought it would be a good idea if he accompanied me to them – would be a good casual way for him to walk around.  He’s always been a pretty good sport when it comes to my obsession.  In fact, one of the reasons I fell in love with him was because during a trip to Amish Country – we had stopped to go into a quilt shop and he said after checking his watch I had five hours to shop – whoo hoo!!  Anyways, after a quilt show last weekend, he was completely wiped for a couple of days!  However, he did notice that he wasn’t as winded this week walking up flights of stairs…  I’m going to see if I can convince him to accompany me every weekend.  Wish me luck… 

So now we have Sandy to think about – should be interesting to see how she hits us.  The forecasters get SOOOO excited!!  Storm could be historic!!  Sheesh!!  If we lose power, Jim’s batteries will last about 10 hours before they need to be charged again.  I spoke w/my parents and luckily they have a generator that we can tap into – Whew!!  At least we have a solution to the problem.  If we lose power, I am planning on SLEEPING!  Whoo hoo!!

That’s it for now…  I hope all is going well with you.  Take care and I’ll try to be better with more timely posts and of course photos of Kendall.  Here she is here looking at me like she’s saying “WHAT??!!”

Lots of Love!!!  Cheryl

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